How do you know about the ancient temple of Banteay Srei?

Banteay Srei temple which is located in the Angkor complex is a famous historical destination, and the most ancient building in Cambodia as well.

1. Banteay Srei temple

Banteay Srei, also known as Banteay Srey, is a temple for nuns which has the same name for their accomodation.

This ancient temple of Angkor Thom complex was built to worship Hindu gods, of which has worshiped the supreme god Shiva in Hinduism of India. The temple is located near Phnom Dei Hill that is about 25 km north-east of the ancient capital Yasodharapura. 
The ancient Banteay Srei
The ancient Banteay Srei.

It was built in the 10th century, the temple has become a precious jewel of Cambodia and is also known as the jewellery of the Khmer art. Banteay Srei is famous for its elaborate sculptures on the walls which was constructed from red sandstone.

2. Architecture of Banteay Srey Temple

Banteay Srey is a masterpiece of sculpture on laterite and red sandstone, which was used in addition to the decorative sculptures on the walls. The whole temple is the pinnacle of rock art with elaborate embossment.
Banteay Srei temple in detail
Previously, the temple was known as the center of religious image, surrounded by Isvarapura tower system. In the 8th century, it was expanded in size, added more sculptures and officially completed in the 12th century.

In order to enter Banteay Srei, visitors will go through the dense hills, and feel as falling into an oasis.It is quite special on the architecture of this Hindu temple, deeply contains architectural art of Indian Balamon, with 3 layers, through the stone bridge from the entrance to the temple is the outer ring, the second bridge led through moat and the third round that is the central ring of temples are two buildings called the library.
Delicate wall sculptures - Stone bas relief of Banteay Srei temple in Cambodia
Delicate wall sculptures of Banteay Srei.

The temple guardian statues are arranged along the road connecting the outside to the center of the temple. The statues are copies of ancient statues that are preserved and protected at the National Museum of the capital. On the edge of the corridors, there are some meticulous sculptures with the image of the Buddhist animals such as lions and gods are carved again elaborate, and delicate to the smallest details. On the small courtyard of the inner round, there are three temples which worship Shiva god in the center and southern direction, Vishnu god in the northern one. 

Together with Angkor complex, the temple was forgotten for decades and until 1914, it was discovered by French archaeologists. After that, the Cambodian authorities were warned to protect the temples and many ancient works of this country.
Lion statue at the center of Banteay Srei temple
Lion statue in the center of the temple.

Although Banteay Srey is located in the dense jungle and in Angkor Thom which was ruined some parts, this temple is still an interesting destination for visitors. It is considered being a quiet place, culture in depth where visitors can be astonished at the massive architecture of the former Khmer.

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