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Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia are 3 countries which might be shared a visa in the near future for international visitors instead of asking for more. This is a new advance to facilitate the travelers and tourism companies

The Prime Minister has asked the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and related ministries to study the connection with Thailand and Cambodia about sharing a visa for international tourists who travel 3 countries.
share visa for Vietnam Cambodia and Thailand

1. Visa exemption in the near future

General-Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan affirmed that Vietnam would like to connect with Thailand and Cambodia in order to simplify the procedure because they have exempted international visitors from the visa.

In fact, international travel agencies have repeatedly recommended that it is necessary to have a common visa for visitors but it has not been done. Meanwhile, since the end of December 2012, Thailand and Cambodia have already had one step ahead of signing of the ACMECS (the same "Multiple Entry Visa" agreement in Europe) that allows travelers from 35 countries and the territory that they agree to share a visa. Accordingly, travelers can ask for a visa at a place such as an embassy, ​​consulate or border customs office at the border of Thailand or Cambodia, then can be resident in the other country and vice versa.

The countries and territories that Thailand and Cambodia agree to be attractive places with a large number of tourists from Europe, Australia, USA, Japan, China and Korea…. Those are Vietnam's leading tourism exploring markets. In the coming time, international visitors who travel to Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia will probably only share 1 visa.
Cambodia souvenir
Foreign tourists are buying souvenirs in Cambodia.
Before Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Ministry of Public Security and related departments studied the connection of Thailand and Cambodia to share 1 visa for international visitors. It used to be proposed that the formation of the program "Five countries - one destination" (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam) should be promoted by the government which was petitioned from National Administration of Tourism, proceeding with a visa or visa exemption to attract international visitors. 

Mr. Dinh Ngoc Duc, Deputy Director General of Department of International Cooperation - National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) said that the VNAT warmly welcome this project and would accelerate the proposal, connection, especially at the international tourism exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City in September. Leader of National Administration of Tourism emphasized that this was the first step in a series of efforts of ASEAN countries for using a common visa.
Tourist in Imperial City - Hue
Sharing a visa will contribute to tourism development in Vietnam.
Foreign tourists visit Imperial City (Hue).

2. Tourism business is in high spirits

Mr. Le Xuan Huong, director of Viet Vision Travel Company, said that using a common visa in three countries in the near future is an effort to attract international visitors who will come to Vietnam. "It is obviously so good that visitors from Thailand and Cambodia will be attracted, the number of visitors will increase, although sometimes, visas are not a big problem to foreigners," said Mr. Huong. He also said that Vietnam's tourism is really changed with many attached conditions, not only visa exemption for visitors, especially changing the way of promotion. "In my opinion, Vietnam tour is much more interesting, but visitors still come to Thailand because they simply promote so well, while we cannot do that," he said.
One director of a famous tourism company in Hanoi also shared this view. In his opinion, this is a breakthrough change. "It is possible to lose revenue from visa applications, about $ 50 per person, but the benefit is so huge. He added: “On average, there would be 7 servers for an international visitor. If the number of guests is larger and larger, the work as well as the income of Vietnamese will be increase, which is very good”.

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3. ASEAN - Potential tourism market

With an area of 4.46 million square kilometers, a population of over 600 million and GDP of over $2,000 billion, ASEAN is a potential tourism market. In recent years, the number of international visitors to ASEAN has been increasing. Particularly, in 2012, the number of international tourists was nearly 90 million, increasing by 9.73% compared to 2011, of which the number of domestic tourists accounted for nearly 50%.
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