Peaceful scenery and famous destinations of Battambang city

For many centuries, Battambang was part of Siam and the eastern commercial center of Siam on the purpose. It has contained a strong architectural mark from the French that created a really pleasant but impressive scenery.


Battambang was ever exploited by French colonialism. The city is located in the center of northwestern Cambodia and until the years of war it was the country's leading rice producing province. The town of 100,000 people is not only one of the best preserved areas of the French colonial era, but also a small town which is also worthy of former Cambodia.
The pagoda of Phnom Samphov Battambang
A peaceful scene in Battambang.

Arriving this land, visitors will feel the real peace, simple through a tour by a motorbike, jeep or boat. With these simple means, your visit to Cambodia is more meaningful and complete. The town is the gateway between Thailand and Phnom Penh but it still has a quiet atmosphere. Instead of nightclubs, bustling shopping streets, it is the town with the nearby temples of Phnom Banon and Wat Ek Phnom. Battambang is away from Phnom Penh about 293 km and located in the heart of Cambodia. Although it is the second largest city of Cambodia, it has a distinct rural feel. 

1. Battambang Museum

The artifacts from Battambang period have been exhibited in this museum. Besides, it also has a small screen of local farming and fishing activities, local legends and folk-tales.

2. Cambodia Circus

In fact, good things sometimes come from unsatisfactory duration, of which is the establishment of this circus. The volunteer project using simple drawing conference to help young refugees overcome the trauma of war through art and self-expression was held in 1986 at a refugee camp on the Thai border, Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS).
The Phare Way From Home Circus - Battambang - Cambodia
Battambang Circus.

PPS children are young people running their home in Anh Chanh village, near Battambang, where more than 100 students can enjoy free activities and support and study. Among the activities of cartoon center, music classes and a circus, and they are more and more focussing on this cirus. 
  • Tel: +855 (0) 53 730 535 or + 855 (0) 53-952 424 to attend a circus performance.
  • Culinary Courses at the Smokin 'Pot Restaurant which offers courses to help you learn Khmer traditional dishes with a reasonable price. Phone: +855 (0) 12 657 125.

3. Take the bamboo train

It is an amazing experience when traveling to Cambodia. These trains, called "norry" in the Khmer, included wooden frames, bamboo flooring, a motor and wheels coming from a war tank. They are illegally used, but they are popular because of their usefulness.
Bamboo train in Battambang Cambodia
Bamboo train – Moving product of Cambodia countryside.

Bamboo trains are used to transport people as well as freight. Mostly, you can book it through hotels, or arrange it via local taxi or tuk tuk.

4. Excursions by taxi

In this beautiful countryside of Cambodia, Taxis are the back of a motorbike that is refixed. Sit on the taxi, along the windy road meanderingly, go through small villages, streams and farms.

There are many places to stop and admire the surroundings, such as Wat Sampeau situated on a limestone mountain, away 18 km from the city. One site is Wat Banan, nicknamed "Mini-Angkor Wat", which is quite airy view after climbing 359 steps to get there.

Wat Baydamram is very popular because there are a lot of bats living in the trees inside the temple. On the other hand, Wat Ek Phnom is also an interesting place – another “Mini –Angkor Wat” to visit. Let take your time, enjoy slowly the scenery.
Wat Baydamram fruit bats Battambang
Baydamram Bat Temple.

5. Watkor Cultural Village

Located about 2 km south of the town, it has about half of dozen bungalows from 100 years ago, along with other tools and artifacts used in daily life at that time, such as a rice grinder and a cart. Take your chance and explore these destinations in Cambodia in the trip. It is not only scenery, but also culture and many other features of the rest of Champa.

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