Inauguration of the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Monument

The inauguration ceremony of the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Monument was presented on 3rd January in Kampong Chhnang province (Cambodia)
Vietnam new agency said that it is the event with many senior Cambodian officials and representatives from the Political Bureau of the People's Army of Vietnam. At the ceremony, Mr. Chhu Chan Duon, governor of Kampong Chhnang Province, said that Vietnam had helped the Cambodian people fight the enemy's invasion, especially the overthrow of Pol Pot, the liberation of the people to revitalize and develop Cambodia. The people of Kampong Chhnang Province, as well as the whole Cambodian people, express their deep gratitude for the sacrifice of the Party, Government, Army and people of Vietnam.
Vietnam - Cambodia memorial monument
Lieutenant General Do Co, deputy director of the Political Bureau, affirmed that the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Monument is a symbol of sentiment and solidarity between the two countries. This is also a tribute to the heroes and martyrs of the Vietnam Volunteer Army and Cambodian royal soldiers and officials who fell for the independence, freedom of the nation and the development of the two countries.
Vietnam - Cambodia friendship monument

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