Discovering the peaceful land in Cambodia - Kampot

Kampot, a city preserving many French architectures, is located in southern Cambodia, far away from  Sihanoukville two hours by bus. It is not as big as Phnom Penh, no heritage like Siem Reap, but Kampot is a peaceful and romantic place.
It is noticed that there is a large fruit basket  built on a roundabout in the street with complete kinds of fruits such as pineapple, coconut … and the biggest eye - catching durian in the middle, so Kampot is also known as the "fruit kingdom" of Cambodia. This honourable name is very exact when the market was loaded with sweet-smelling durian mountains which could be tasted before buying by visitors. Each pulp segment of durian is thick, even yellow, and very soft.

There are plenty of interesting places to experience that make you feel peace without bored when you travel to Kampot.

1. Kampot River

Kampot river - Cambodia
It is famous for Kampot River that passes through the center of the town, crosses quite cranky cast iron bridges. When it is sunset together with the image of blue fishing boats preparing to head for the open sea that the scene becomes more and more romantic. The “lazy” river is one ideal destination in Kampot that you must go to enjoy the peaceful space.
Bokor plateau is located at an altitude of 1080 m above sea level, where the climate is cool, covered by cloud all year round. Bokor has a beautiful location overlooking the Kep, Kampot and Phu Quoc beaches of Vietnam. This is one of the tourist attractions of Kampot in Cambodia which visitors should not ignore when they come here.

2. Bokor Plateau

Bokor Plateau hill - Kampot - Cambodia
Beside the pleasant atmosphere, Bokor has many interesting activities such as admire the ancient buildings hidden in fog, the villas built by King Sihanouk for rest, visit the famous Nam Thuyen Pagodas or go to the national park to observe the wildlife.

 3. Phnom Chhngok Cave

Phnom Chhnork temple in a cave - Kampot - Cambodia
In Kampot, there are many limestone caves, in particular the Phnom Chhngok Cave which is quite special, small  and not popular with an ancient shrine inside. When climbing the cave, visitors will be able to see the whole beautiful natural scenery in the peaceful countryside.

4. Pepper, Durian Garden

Pepper & durian garden outside Kampot Cambodia
Pepper and durian are the two specialties of the Kampot region which are famous throughout Cambodia. On the way from Kampot to Kep, visitors will encounter Kampot pepper and durian garden. Kampot pepper is very fragrant, pungent characteristics - a type of spice to process some dishes that is extremely delicious. The segment of Kampot Durian is very thick, fragrant and not too sweet. Coming to these gardens, visitors can buy products as gifts for relatives and support local people.

5. Kampot market

Cambodia cookery course Kampot market
On the way to the coastal city of Sihanouk, visitors can drop in the famous Kampot market where is completed with booths, and a lot of mixed items but the most outstanding are the sweet –smelling durians. In addition, there are many other tropical fruits such as rambutan, apricot, mangosteen,…
On Kampot journey, visitors should remember to recharge with the food that is extremely delicious, easy to eat for the first time. The best restaurant in Kampot is Ta Eou Restaurant with a very affordable price. It is very easy to find this riverside one next to the new bridge because of its convenient location. The menu is enormously varied with a good price approximately $ 4-6 for one person to eat and drink his fill. 

If you want to eat snacks, the restaurants in Kampot are quite rich. Visitors can enjoy delicious food such as snails, grilled meats, grilled eggs served with garlic bread at several restaurants in front of the new market opposite the Hour Kheang Hotel and a river view. In the street of old market, there are also many kinds of teas, rice, porridge with a very cheap price. Moreover, Kampot has many romantic cafes located along the river which is the most beautiful scene in the evening.
Hour Kheang guest house
After one day exploring the peaceful land, guests will be rested in the relatively cheap but very comfortable hotel, of which the highlight is the Hour Kheang hotel located in a pretty location near the river, near the food courts. It has many types of room with various prices that is very clean, full of facilities and enthusiastic boss.
If visitors stay in Kampot for 2 nights or more, it is advisable to spend one night in the bungalows that is adjacent to the river. In the evening, however, there is no light on the street because it is located on the other side of the bridge. View of these bungalows are very amazing, peaceful and there is a common ground for Western guests. The food is served in the bungalow, ranging from $ 5-10, most of which are Western dishes. The price of bungalows varies from $ 7-45, depending on the budget of the guests to choose a bungalow.

Kampot - a so poetic and peaceful land which has made many people passionate once coming to. If you have a chance to travel to Cambodia, do not miss this great destination!

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