Cambodia in your mind is Angkor, Tonle Sap...

Since the last shooting in the Kingdom of Cambodia, it is exploited that the amazing tourist spots of this attractive country deserve to be listed in the wonders of the world such as Angkor Wat (admire Angkor Wat more here), Angkor Thom, and the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia Tonle Sap… catching tourists’ attention from all over the world.
The number of Vietnamese traveling to Cambodia is more and more crowded without any exceptions. No matter how visitor get there by tours, Canavan coaches or buses, Cambodia and the people of this country are always fascinating to everyone.
Independence Monument Phnom Penh Cambodia
As one of the undeveloped countries in the world, Cambodian people still have a life closely linked with nature. The Mekong and the Tonle Sap Lake are very important to the people. Agriculture, fishery, cattle-breeding, all depend on these water sources. Those almost are daily life stories that nothing changes too much from generations. Even their daily meals are made from this connection. Anywhere in Cambodia travelers can go and see many sellers who sell food from natural insects such as crickets, locusts, spiders, …
Insect market street food of Cambodia
A Vietnamese traveler tries to eat the spider - a favorite dish of Cambodian people.

Nature plays a very important role in an undeveloped country like Cambodia. However, it is certain that Cambodian standard of living will be greatly improved along with the development of the tourism industry, services and especially the bright future comes from the oil exploitation in the near future.
Cambodian monks in Angkor Wat temple
Cambodian national religion is Buddhism so the Buddhist philosophy is probably the most marked impression. In the past, the Khmer Rouge regime was the most reputation about Cambodia, rather than the famous architecture. Recently, after 10 years of finishing the war, many soldiers have come back to the field. Some places as Siem Reap, Kompong Cham... where were destroyed by the shooting have now returned to tranquility.

Although Cambodians are not agile businessmen or trader, they always work very hard (that is the reason why spearhead economic sectors belongs to foreigners. The richest person in Cambodia is considered being Vietnamese Cambodian who holds a 40% share of the petrol market with a series of hotels, restaurants, casinos, in the big cities). With labor cost about 2 USD per day (8.000 riel), Cambodia has become one of the low-cost countries with a lot of workshops opened by foreign owners, especially textile groups with prominent brands such as Lacoste, Polo, Gap...  
Cambodia garment factory
Mr. Dong, a successful Vietnamese contractor at Siem Reap, revealed: "The Cambodians are very gentle and willing to help others as well as trust each other." He added, "I have ever signed oral contracts which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars without any other paper by myself."

Imprint of foreigners

Over the years of the past under the protection and government of the French, almost in the workplace, hospital or even road signs are in French. Many middle-aged intellectuals in Cambodia can fluently speak French like Vietnamese. It is easily recognized that throughout Cambodia, from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, mostly there are inscriptions of contributions from non-refundable aid of Japan in the infrastructure such as bridges, roads, classrooms, and hospital.
Royal palace at Phnom Penh Cambodia
In the previous years, Malaysia and China were the “feeding-bottle” in Cambodia, and now infrastructure that Japan has provided non-refundable aid, have brought huge benefits for this country. In return, Japan would have some valuable contracts from Cambodia, especially the right to exploit the new oil fields which is newly discovered. 

The mark of the Vietnamese has become more obvious in Cambodia than in any other country. It's not about the economy or a complicated problem, it closely presents in daily life that is Ho beach, Nam Vang, Saigon bridge. Almost every place, each importance work has a Vietnamese name which parallel exists with the Tonle Sap, Phnom Penh ...

In addition, because of public prostitution, there are a high proportion of people infected with AIDS in Cambodia. It abounds in the stories of child sex tourism; meanwhile it is not difficult to buy weapons and drugs in any major city of Cambodia.

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