Baphuon Temple - Khmer architectural mysteries

Come to Baphuon which is a solemn and large-scale temple, visitors will be overwhelmed by the architecture and grandeur of a former Khmer empire.

1. About the Baphuon Temple

It is in the direction of the northwest of Bayon that Baphuon temple is a pyramid shaped building standing for the Legend of Hindu Mount Meru and the former center of the city before Angkor Thom. Baphuon Temple is also known for its greatness after Angkor Wat (experience Angkor Wat from Phnom Bakheng), visitors will not be able to miss this ancient temple on their Cambodia tour.
Panoramic view of Baphuon temple
Panoramic view of the ancient temple of Baphuon
Many structures in this building have collapsed themselves because of the hasty planning process and the ambition to build an impressive spectacle in the previous millennium of French scientists who dismantled the temple by each piece, then numbered and restored certainly. However, when the Khmer Rouge army arrived, the restoration work and the remaining ruins were ruined.
Stones are skillfully glued in Baphuon wall
The stones are skillfully glued in Baphuon.

Baphuon has also become one of the world's largest jigsaw puzzles respect to archaeologists when they found the marks on bricks. With the ancient temples of Ta Keo or Ta Prohm, … the complex of Angkor Thom, Baphuon is the unique destination for thousands of elephants that promises to create many surprises for visitors.
Baphuon's seductive and bizarre scene
Baphuon's seductive, bizarre scene

2. Standouts in Baphuon architecture

The Cartagena Romanesque stage has been restored, Petra temples in Jordon and My Son of Vietnam are being considered for construction here but it will be a long-planned work with approximately 300,000 pieces of stone carved to couple together.
Magnificent view of Baphuon temple
Baphuon’s magnificence only after Angkor Wat.
Baphuon is famous for Buddha in Nirvana Statue that sculpted on a 40-meter stone wall which was exclusively used in Lord Shiva's worship and also the most majestic temple only after Angkor Wat.
Monks in saffron robes at Baphuon temple
Peaceful scenery of Baphuon.

Baphuon is being restored, a part of the temple can be used to serve the public that visitors can follow the uncompleted restoration in the temple.
Panoramic view seductive of Baphuon temple
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The ancient temple is definitely an impressive architectural landmark of Cambodia, not only because of its ancient moss-grown scenery, but also many interesting unknowns to attract any visitor.

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