Admiring Angkor Wat covered with the sunset from Phnom Bakheng

Phnom Bakheng is the first large temple which was built in the tallest hill in the Angkor Wat Temple area after the capital was moved from Roluos in the 9th century. Phnom Bakheng was reigned by King Yasovarman I in the new capital city of Yasodharapura. It is also a popular destination in Cambodia that visitors should visit when exploring the mysteries of ancient Khmer Empire around Angkor. 

The unique history and architecture of Phnom Bakheng

The temple was uncultivated once in 928 until in 968 it was restored by King Jaya V who also played a key role in strengthening and building the temple.
 Sunset at Phnom Bakheng temple
Peaceful scene of Bakheng temple
Although many towers have been degraded, Pnom Bakheng still is very important and located in the center of a separate hill. Bakheng is imitated the image of Bakong shrine located in Rolous.
Panorama view Phnom Bakheng hill
Panoramic view of the ancient temple of Bekhang

The shape of surrounding tower is square and the top of the central tower is covered with 4 sacred towers on the highest floor and 5 middle floors included 12 towers per floor which was built of baked brick symbolizing for 12 zodiac animals.
Ancient architecture Phnom Bakheng temple

The ancient architecture of Bekhang

Totally, there are 108 temples representing four lunar cycles as well as corresponding to 27 days per cycle in heaven and earth in Phnom Bakheng.
Bakheng Siem Reap
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Situated on top of a hill, Phnom Bakheng offers a spectacular view of the surrounding residential area. This is also the ideal spot to admire the sunrise and sunset on the top of the hill. Especially at sunset, when the ancient city of Angkor sank in the golden color of the twilight, waft the aftertaste of the past. The magnificent Angkor scene gradually show up, making everyone overwhelmed and want to keep this scene when they climb to the top of the mountain.
 Peaceful sunset on Phnom Bakheng hill

Beautiful sunset on the top of the hill
There is a road following the slope downhill up to the mountain. There also is elephant service to carrying the customers at 16:00 until sunset with the price of $15 for each person who goes up the hill and &10 for each person who goes down the hill.
  • Location: Northwest Angkor Wat
  • Construction period: at the end of 9th century to at the beginning of 10th century
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Built by: King Yasovarman I
  • Type of construction: Bakheng
Angkor Wat seen from Phnom Bakheng.
A photo of Angkor Wat Temple was taken from Phnom Bakheng Mountain.
Imagine as follows: Angkor Wat can be seen as a highlight spot away from the forest below about 1km. It is necessary that should bring a lens with length of at least 400 mm to take the beautiful photos. Take a tour and experience the ancient space at Phnom Bakheng on your Cambodian tour, and record the impressive and unique memories at this ancient temple.

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